2022 is an amazing year for scootering. Urban World Series is back and the Apex Team is ready to compete!

Jamie Hull, Morgan Jones and Angus Hughes will be making an appearance at this year’s event, covering the street and park courses. After a few uneventful years due to COVID-19, our team is excited to be riding and competing on an international scale.

This year the event will be held in Spain, Madrid over a three day period, where all action sports come together to ride the purpose built skate parks and street courses.

This creates an equal playing field for all athletes competing in the event. Athletes from across the globe attend this event every year and it always attracts a big crowd. One of the most memorable aspects of Urban World Series is the energy from the spectators. This creates an amazing atmosphere and really motivates the riders to push their limits. We cannot wait to see what our team can do at this event! For all updates on this event, stay tuned to our Instagram page! @official_apexproscooters