Joel Ingold Signature Deck


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Joel Ingold has played a significant role in developing and progressing Apex Pro Scooters street culture in the last few years, which is why we are so pleased to present this Signature Deck!

2022 has been an amazing year for Joel, being the first Apex rider to compete in Dissidence Coalition, releasing three insane video parts & placing on the podium at some of the biggest street competitions in the UK and the US. Joel is one of the most passionate and motivated riders who is continually pushing the limits of scootering. Not only has Joel been able to ride and progress on the 6″ wide deck, he actually assisted in the designing of this deck. During the prototype phase, Joel was able to assist in creating and refining the deck to be what it is today. Without Joel, this deck would not have been perfected. He has been riding the 6″ x 22″ deck for the past year and his progression has skyrocketed. If you haven’t already, check out his 6″ Wide Promo!

A massive thank you to Joel for all his support, as well as Seth Booth & Mac Daniels for designing this personalised signature graphic!

The 6″ deck has been refined and perfected over the last year to create a durable, light and well balanced street deck. For riders looking to progress their street riding, this deck is the perfect fit.
Designed and manufactured in Australia, we have used 6082 Aluminium to give this deck a total weight of 1.76kg (22″)
All hand welded and T6 heat treated, giving you the most durable deck on the market. This deck is available in a range of anodised colours and features our new laser etching design, making your setup stand out from the rest.



Deck Plate

22” / 560mm

Wheel base (axel to axel)






Deck Material

6082 Aluminium

Headtube Angle




Peg Material

7075 Aluminium

Peg Diameter


Peg Length






To get the most out of your Apex Deck we recommend:

  • Making sure your back wheel is tight. Riding your wheels loose will put too much stress on your axle, which will create multiple problems. 
  • Avoid riding flyout. Riding flyout puts all kinds of stress on all the parts on your scooter. If you are riding flyout regularly, you should expect any product to break quickly.
  • Rotate your pegs every now and then to wear down each side evenly & make sure the hole in the peg isn’t exposed.

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