Barnaynay Pegs


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The signature BarNayNay Pegs have been designed and produced by Kiall Barnes himself. The peg has a short design as it is made for riders who are looking to increase their grinding area, without a full size peg getting in the way. Available in a range of colours, featuring the classic Apex Logo, this peg is the perfect addition to your setup.



One Peg

Two Pegs- Fully Assembled



Peg length: 37mm

Axle: Included

Axle length: 1 x 70mm & 1 x 80mm

Axle diameter: 8mm

Pegs per pack: 2

Material: Aluminium 7000 Series

Weight per peg: 21g

Total Weight: 119g

To get the most out of your pegs, we recommend rotating them regularly to evenly wear them down and increase the life span. 

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