Nils Qvarford is the newest addition to the Apex Team and we are thrilled to collaborate with him to create this Signature Deck! We were able to adjust the shade of our standard blue anodising  to create a really unique shade of blue, which has allowed the laser etching to really pop on this deck. Nils tapped into his Sweedish roots to give us the Viking theme that you can see throughout the bottom and side etching. 

The recent World Champion did not was any time with the promotion of his new Signature Deck either. As soon as he received the deck, Nils and Logan Schnider got to work on one the craziest video parts we have seen in a long time. This really solidified his position in the Scooter industry as one the best up and coming riders. You can watch the full video parts below!

It is crazy to think that this is just the beginning!

With a World Title to defend, we can’t wait to see Nils’s progression throughout the year, it is definitely something you will want to keep an eye on. 

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