Jamie Hull returns to the USA! Travelling has reopened and Jamie has been making the most of it.

First off he headed to San Diego to reunite with his favourite skatepark, Clairemont! 

This park has some of the biggest box jumps you will ever see, which is exactly what Jamie loves about this park. Progression sessions all day long. Every insta clip was absolutely mind blowing, especially the World First Double Front Flip Triple Whip. You can check these clips out on Jamie’s instagram (@jamiehullofficial) or our instagram (@official_apexproscooters)!

Jamie also made it out to AZ Grind Indoor Skatepark in Arizona! Jamie and Jordan Robles held a Ride Day event, where they had plenty of Apex giveaways, even a custom Jamie Hull signature deck in the Raw colourway (see photo below)!

Overall, this trip was a great way to start the year and gave Jamie some good practice for the upcoming competition season. You can see Jamie competing in the Urban World Series (Spain), FISE Montpellier (France) and the ISF World Finals (U.S.A).

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