FrequentLY Asked Questions

At Apex we ensure that all of our products are made from the highest quality materials. We use these materials to increase the strength, as we want our products to last as long as possible. All of our products are also designed and manufactured in Australia. This means we do not mass produce any product and a lot of the tasks involved in production are done manually. For example, every Apex Deck is hand welded by Robbie Menzies (Former Apex Team Rider and World #3 in 2012). 


Due to the quality of our products and the processes we use to produce our parts, the pricing may appear to be higher than others. At Apex we have always valued quality over quantity, which is why our customers choose to Ride Apex.

The Apex Pro Scooters warehouse is located in the Gold Coast, Australia. All of our products are designed and manufactured here! Check out our instagram to see some behind the scenes of how our products are made! Instagram: @official_apexproscooters  

If you are trying to get sponsored, here are some essential characteristics that not only Apex will be looking for!

  • Positive social media presence: Instagram, YouTube or TikTok.
  • Entering in competitions or attending events.
  • Display a positive attitude toward riding and your personal progression.
  • Are you influencing the people around you? E.g. Encouraging riders younger than you.
  • What makes you unique? Your style, your tricks, your fanbase? 

Not all of these characteristics need to be met in order to be sponsored, but these should be considered.


Something that we have learnt from our team riders over the years, is that you should not revolve your riding around being sponsored. Riding is about having fun, pushing your limits and making new friends. Passionate riders will always find their way within scootering. 


We ask all of our riders “Why do you ride?”. It’s important to think about why you ride, what motivates you and how it makes you feel! This helps you to appreciate scootering and keep your passion for riding alive!   

Apex products are designed to last. Our products are made from the highest quality materials and have been rigorously tested by professional riders for more than 12 years. As our products are made in Australia, our team overlooks every product before it is sold, making our quality control process unbeatable. This means if you are buying an Apex product, it will be fully functional and have no blemishes. All of our products come in a range of different anodised colours and are designed with simplicity, keeping your scooter looking timeless. 


Buying Apex products allows you to enjoy your setup for a longer period of time. You should not have to worry about your products breaking or looking out of date. By using the highest quality materials and having timeless designs, Apex products will always be the best option.

If you need any assistance regarding, sizing, compatibility or suitability, please Contact Us.

Depending on your style of riding or what you feel comfortable with, your bar height can be hard to determine. It is always best to ride taller bars and then cut down (adjust) to a height that suits you. 


Most riders would consider having their bars waist height or just below the groin area. 

To choose the size of your deck, it is best to determine what your style of riding is!

We would categorise the styles of riding as Park, Street or Hybrid.

First, you should look at the width of the deck. Apex supplies 4.5”, 5” & 6” decks. 

4.5” – Park Deck

The 4.5” Deck is renowned for being a park rider’s deck. Depending on how you want your scooter to feel, you can choose between the 19.3” or 20.1” deck length. Both deck lengths will keep your scooter light and comfortable, it just depends on what you are used to. Majority of Our Team rides a deck that is 19.3” long. Riders like Camille Bonnet ride the 4.5” x 19.3”, check out his Instagram (@camille_scooters). 

5” – Hybrid (Park & Street)

The 5” Deck has been an evolving deck size that would now be considered a hybrid deck. Apex provides this deck in 19.3” (Angled), 20.1” (Boxed) and 20.8” (Boxed). The 5” x 19.3” is ridden by a majority of our team. Jamie Hull, Dane Forbes and Connor Murphy all ride the 5” x 19.3” and they are considered as park riders. Although if you are looking to keep all your park tricks and ride some rails and ledges, the 20.1” and 20.8” would be more suitable. The boxed ends expand your trick list while the 5” width keeps your scooter light and easy to flick around. 

6” – Street

The 6” deck is our newest product, and it caters for street style riding. With the extra width and new dropout/peg design, it is perfect for grinding rails and ledges. This deck might also be suitable for someone who is looking to cruise around and just have fun. We have made this deck to be lightweight, so throwing overheads is still a breeze. But if you are looking to push your limits in street riding, this deck size is perfect for you. THis deck is available in 21” and 22” which is the ideal lengths for younger and older riders. Joel Ingold, Morgan Jones and Connor Ransley are all riding the 6” x 22” and have been progressing ever since! Check out their clips on our Instagram (@official_apexproscooters) 

















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