Buying a new Scooter Deck is one of the most important decisions when building a new setup. It needs to look good, feel good and last you a lifetimeBeing one of the most expensive parts of your scooter, here are 5 things to consider before making a purchase.







The first and most important element is the size of your deck. You have to love the feel of your setup more than anything else, right? But with so much to choose from, this becomes quite difficult. 

When looking at the sizing of a deck, consider your riding style and what specifications your deck will need. 

Riding styles are categorised as Park or Street.

  • Riding: Skatepark
  • Obstacles: Box jumps, half-pipes, spines etc. 
  • Tricks: Kickless Rewinds, Buttercups, Bri-Flips 
  • Size: 4.5” to 5” wide and 18.1” to 20.5” long.
  • Build: Angled & Boxed Ends
  • Riding: Streets Spots 
  • Obstacles: Handrails, ledges, stair sets, flatground etc.
  • Tricks: Boardslides, 50-50’s, Lip Slides.  
  • Size: 5.5” to 7” wide and 21” to 24” long.
  • Build: Boxed Ends Only

This is a guide. It is recommended that you test ride multiple scooter decks to determine which size feels best to you.  All deck sizes can be used for all aspects of riding, meaning it comes down to personal preference.


Whether you ride Park or Street, the design of your deck should still be considered.

The design is how the deck is made, as well as the colour & graphics. 

Consider the design of the deck to determine whether it is strong and aesthetically pleasing. 

Ask yourself, are there any weak points in the deck that might not suit my riding style? Or, is this design just a trend?

It is important to ask these questions to ensure you purchase something that will last. 

It is also important to consider the colour and graphics of the deck. A deck should be the longest lasting part on your scooter, so you should consider how your deck will look with other products. For example, your clamp, forks and wheels will need to be replaced more often than your deck, so you need to make sure you can adjust the colour scheme of each to suit. 


Finding the right balance is always important in Scootering, making the weight of your deck extremely important. 

Of course you will want to be able to progress, adding an extra tail-whip to your combos, so it is always a good idea to aim for the lighter option. For this purpose, the weight should be considered after you have found the right deck size. Although every brand offers similar sizing, the weight difference can be quite significant. Be sure to check out the specifications of each deck to make sure it is not too heavy! 

For Park Riders: Aim for 1kg – 1.5kg

For Street RIders: Aim for 1.6kg – 1.8kg


This is something a lot of people do not consider before purchasing a deck.
You could have the lightest and coolest looking deck, but it could feel terrible! 
This is how you can make sure it will feel good under your feet.


The type of material used to make a deck can impact the overall feeling. You can feel the difference between a brand that uses high quality materials and low quality materials. As a result of using low quality materials, it will generally feel softer and more flexible, which will create issues as you continue to progress. These decks will also tend to be heavier as the material needs to be thicker to make it stronger. 

Comparatively, you want something that feels really solid and has no movement in it. Finding a deck that uses high quality materials will also be lighter as it does not need extra material to maintain strength. 

Ideal Deck Material: Aluminium 6082-T6 Heat Treated. 


The head tube angle will determine how far back or forward your handlebars are, which can affect the feeling of your scooter! 

To achieve a well balanced Scooter, the ideal head tube angle is 82.5 Degrees. 

To be safe, it is best to stay between 82 Degrees and 84 Degrees for other brands.



The foot space is the area you have between the head tube and the brake. You are likely to explore this feature when finding your deck size. Although two decks can be the same length, they can offer different foot space. That is due to the design of the deck & the head tube angle. Always check the deck specifications and make sure it is the right fit for you. 

Once you’re dialed in on the deck material, head tube angle and foot space, you should have the perfect balance point and feel comfortable on your scooter. 


As a rule of thumb, a scooter deck should last a minimum of 6 months. 

Being able to identify a high quality design and material you should be able to determine the durability or life span of the deck. As stated above, this is the most expensive part of your scooter, meaning it must be able to withstand the test of time!

Apex Pro Scooters has a solid reputation for providing the most durable Scooter Decks on the market. We always offer the highest quality products, using the best materials and practices to ensure every deck meets a certain standard. We also offer 6 Months Warranty on all of our decks to give you peace of mind when riding and progressing. 

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