Jame-Bowe-profile DOB: 21/3/1994
Tweed Heads
Started Riding: 2007
Favourite park: Waterloo,Sydney
Style of riding: Street
Best trick: It varies, normally just going big in street.
Favourite Music: Aussie rap, acdc, America etc, into a lot of old stuff because I was raised in a small country town!
Achievements: Placing first in a few local comps, helping with the design of early apex parts range, running of apex comps, and I guess being OG is a bit of an achievement?
Inspirations: My biggest inspiration would have to be Matt Mckeen, but in my early days of riding it would be Coedie Donovan. Being on apex would have to be my top inspiration, they’ve pushed me to ride my best and helped me along the way. Big thanks to Andrew and Natasha!
Current Setup: ODI long necks, Apex bar ends, Apex bars, Apex scs v3, Apex headset, Apex quantum forks, District v2 deck, Proto grippers, Apex brake, My apex signature pegs.


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James Bowe
James Bowe
James Bowe
James Bowe
James Bowe

Robbie Menzies

Age: 17

Riding since: 2009

Favourite park: GC Compound, Helensvale & Coloundra

Favourite riding: Park

Favourite trick: Huge Air Trick

Inspirations : Taylor Smith, Ryan Williams Brandon Loupos

Setup: Odi Grips , Apex Bol Bars, Apex SCS V2, Phoenix Josh Kish Signature Deck, Apex Zero Forks, Root Industries Wheels.





Jess Boland

Name: Jessica Lyn Boland

Age: 18

Started: in 2008

Setup: Madd extreme, Apex Bol Bars, Apex SCS v2, Apex forks.

Favourite parks: GC compound, Engadine and Monster

Tricks working on: flairs and combos

Favourite tricks: bri’s, tuck to bar, tuck to whip and can verts

Other sponsors: Madd Gear Pro, Monster Skatepark, Eagle sport and Skater HQ

Inspirations: Max Peters, Coedie, Josh Kish and a few others

People I ride with: Brandon Loupos, Shaun Callins, Perry, Luke Burland, Martin and alot more


Name: Jeremy Merrin

I am 18
I have been riding for 2 and half years
I love to ride park


Matty & Jeremy

Jerome Mokaraka

Age: 14
Riding since: 2009
Home Town – Melbourne
Favourite park: C-town and Rampfest !

Favourite riding: Park
Favourite trick: Tail Whips

Inspirations : Michael Sadler, Brendon smith and Gerard Fredrickson

Setup: Apex Bol Bars, Apex SCS Clamp, Apex Infinity Fork, Apex Headset, Apex Bar Ends, Envy deck, brake, wheels



Jaidyn Penn-Cayton

Age : 13
Riding since :
Home Town : Adelaide
Apex Bars, Apex Infinity Fork, Apex SCS clamp, Apex Headset, Apex Bar Ends, Phoenix deck, Root Industry wheels, ODI longneck grips.
Favourite type of riding – going big in bowls and half pipes

Favourite skate parks – Westbeach, Adelaide is my favourite park.

Riders that Inspire you – I look up to Ryan Williams because his style is amazing. Thanks heaps to everyone supporting me and filming my edits.