Bars & Extensions

Bol Bars (named after Apex Team Rider Jess Boland)

Std Specifications                                         HIC Specifications

4130 Chrome Moly Steel                                                                                                                   4130 Chrome Moly Steel

Tig Welded, CNC Bent & Notched                                                                                                 Tig Welded, CNC Bent & Notched

Powder Coated / Chromed for High Scratch resistance                                                        Powder Coated / Chromed for High Scratch resistance

560mm Wide                                                                                                                                        560mm Wide

560mm High                                                                                                                                        580mm High

31.75mm Diameter                                                                                                                             35mm Outer Diameter, 31.75 Internal Diameter

Designed for SCS                                                                                                                                Designed for HIC Clamp (Hidden Internal Compression)

Threaded systems – slit will need to be cut.                                                                               Pre cut Slit of +/- 80mm

Colours                                                             Colours

Available in Black, Clear and Chrome.                                                                                          Available in Black and Clear

Bar Extensions

Apex Bar Extensions fit onto the ends of your bars to give you an extra 25mm (1″) of length onto your bars.
Perfect if you want extra-wide bars or if you’ve cut your bars down and want to make them slightly wider again.
These will fit into any standard sized Chrome Moly bars, but will not work on aluminium bars and will not allow bar ends to fit in.