Funk brothers join Nitro Circus Tour!

By June 10, 2016Latest News

Imagine touring with Nitro Circus! The Funk Bros have joined the North American Tour. Below is their story about Apex Pro Scooter Team Riders, Capron Funk & Corey Funk joining Nitro Circus and completing their first show on the tour.

Funk Bros for Nitro Circus? Yep, a dream came true for both of us. We woke up one morning and had a flight out to Louisiana the next day! Originally they asked for one of us but we told them we are a packaged deal, we split everything down the middle. From our knowledge we are doing the North American Tour, if we get any more info for Australia or the UK we will let you guys know!

We have around 4-6 jumps each gradually they get harder and harder.  

First I (Capron) does a front flip then Corey a backflip, for our second drops In do a backflip front bri then Corey with double front bri.

Then its gets gnarly, we do a double flip train with the whole crew 4-6 feet away, there’s at least 3 people in the air at the same time.                                  

After this we have some individual time to show off.

Corey does a double backflip and I (Capron) a Backflip Superman front scooter flip.

The show ends and we dance like there’s no tomorrow with the whole crew, then we high five all the fans in front of the Stadium, this is a dream turned into reality!

We’ve made a video on our experience you guys should check out below! Thank you to Apex for supplying us with the best!

For more information on the Nitro Circus North American Summer Tour 2016 check out the website here

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