Corey Funk – USA

DOB: 10th of June 1996
Age: 20
Started riding: 2005
Favorite park: woodward west!
Style of riding: big unique gaps and unique tricks
Best trick: Double flair
Favorite music: Childish Gambino, some Trap music/dance, G – easy, and Of monsters and men
First place: Pro Scooter Series 2015
First place: North american championship Ranked #1 in the USA 2015
Frist place: Louisville, KY
Second place: milwaukee, WI
Second place: Isa qualifier woodward camp
Second Place: Isa qualifier woodward west
Second place: Rye, NH 2012
Inspirations: Capron funk, Jesse Bayes, and jordan clark
Current setup:
– Grips: Grips (Black)
– Bar ends: Black Odi
– Bars: Red Apex Bol Bars
– Clamp: Raw Apex Mono Clamp
– Deck: 19.5 Chrome
– Fork: Quantum forks (red)
– Int headset: Apex headset(red)
– Bearings: Reds
– Wheels: Eagle Sport hollow core (red/black)
– Apex Grip Tape