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May 2015

Dylan Morrison

Best Scooter Riders in the World

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Dylan Morrison and Robbie Menzies both featured! ‪#‎goapex‬

Scooter riding is a form of extreme sports. A kick scooter is used by the rider to perform various forms of tricks, in a manner similar to skateboarding or BMX-ing. A large number of people, especially the youth in their teens, get attracted towards this sport and participate. In fact, it can be seen that majority of the scooter riders who have shown their skill and talent start on very early in their lives. Although this sport has not been able to win as much popularity as other regular or extreme sports, it is definitely on the rise. Teenagers, boys in particular, are attracted to this dangerous but greatly athletic sport, and enter various competitions. Let us take a look at 10 Best Scooter Riders in the World.
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